Effective date: August 9th, 2020

Commerce Chicks Disclaimer

The information on this website is not tailored to you specifically or to your business specifically. As such, the advice on the website is not professional advice. We do not represent or warrant to be an expert or professional with professional designations and makes no guarantees regarding any specific success from working with us. Your choice to rely on our advice, guidance, teaching or principles is simply your choice. You understand you cannot hold us liable in any way for any actions you take or do not take based on our content on this website. Feel free to use the information on the website as a resource for ideas and information, but act or do not act on it only if you want.


Earnings Disclaimer

It may happen that we share some of our clients’ success stories and some specifics around what their success looks like. Once again, their success is NOT A GUARANTEE for your success and we are simply showing what results are possible through our programs, not that everyone will get these results from our programs and services. 

What we do is everything we can to help you succeed, but ultimately your ability to build a successful business and achieve the results you desire depends on a multitude of factors, chiefly you. We make NO GUARANTEES related to any specific success you may experience by using our services and programs. It is entirely possible, although unlikely, that you can do one of our courses or be coached by us and receive no income at all. Anything is possible. We ask you to fully grasp this concept before you use the Site and enjoy our services.

If you take our recommendations that we share on the Site or use our services, we ask you to do so mindfully and with prudence. You understand that Commerce Chicks is not liable for any actions you take or do not take based on the information we provide or the services and products we offer.


Releasing Commerce Chicks of Liability

Cindy Dong nor Carmen Huang will not be liable for any actions you do or not take based on the information on the Site and the products or services sold through the Site. Cindy Dong nor Carmen Huang will not be liable for any damages based on your participation of using the Site or through anything you have purchased through the Site. 

Further, you understand that by the fullest extent permissible by law that Cindy Dong nor Carmen Huang will not be held responsible for any form of damages or any legal claims against it based out of your use of the Site and through any of the services or products purchased through the Site. 


Contact Us

Please feel free to connect with Commerce Chicks to ask us any questions. All communications should be directed to [email protected]. If you have any questions whatsoever prior to enrolling in any of Commerce Chick’s courses, we will provide you with an honest answer to make sure you make the best decision for you.

Thanks so much and we appreciate you reading our Disclaimer.