We are e-commerce entrepreneurs, digital marketing experts, and 7-figure brand builders. Today, we also mentor hustlers & go-getters on using digital marketing strategies to build influential e-commerce brands from scratch.

The brands we’ve built has generated over

The best part? We’ve never spent a dime inventory before we made a sale.

But our story didn’t start out this way.

Three years ago, we were fresh grads starting our careers as consultants at Deloitte. Eager to prove ourselves, we followed what we thought was the conventional path to success.

We quickly realized that the 9-5 grind had us trading our time, our most valuable resource, for money. To us, success wasn’t a fancy job title and a 6-figure salary. Success meant achieving financial freedom, having control of our own time, and having the resources to pursue our passions.

So, we decided to start our own e-Commerce business using the Dropshipping model, where we fulfilled orders from a third party vendor that shipped products directly to the customer. This allowed us to prove our brand concepts without risking our life savings on inventory. After making our first million dollars in revenue, we quit our comfortable corporate jobs and focused on building sustainable infrastructure - creating a business that generates revenue while we sleep.

We’re not here to tell you that dropshipping is a get rich quick scheme (It’s Not).

The old way of dropshipping, taught by most courses out there, teaches you to build stores like these:

This might have worked years ago but with the rise in competition, higher customer expectations, and stricter advertising regulations.. e-Commerce is a different game today & we need an updated manual.

What we are going to teach you is the new way, our way, of how to leverage the “Dropshipping” model as a starting point to build a legitimate, profitable, sustainable business. Our goal is to build brands that we can be proud of and can be compared to the top brands that we personally adore. Brands that are here to stay despite the ever changing world we live in.

This course focuses on teaching you essential skills that will not only help you in dropshipping, but also open up endless other opportunities. By the end of this course, you will be able to

Design a powerful brand image and bring it to life through a beautiful website.

Create captivating, high converting advertisements and execute data driven digital advertising strategies.

Effectively communicate with your customer, suppliers & employees to build long-lasting relationships

So, what are you waiting for? Join our community of aspiring entrepreneurs & let’s start a new journey together.









Our next round of mentorship is starting October 27th. We will be hosting free live trainings & webinars in the coming weeks to reveal more details. Sign up below:


Our next round of mentorship class is starting October 27th with limited spots on a first come basis.