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Before we turned 25 (#quarterlifecrisis), we built a
7-Figure business using just $500 and a 2013 MacBook Air thanks to the power of dropshipping.


Then we quit our corporate 9-5 jobs to travel the world. Three years later, we’ve used this formula to do it again and again.

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Our lives changed in a single year and we believe yours can too. That’s why our mission today is to help aspiring entrepreneurs, just like you, with the actionable tips, tricks and strategies you need so you can skyrocket your success and build a business you don’t need an escape from.


Today, we teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to build wildly successful online brands without risking their life savings on inventory.

We’ve developed a 6-week mentorship where we mentor a small group of students on how to build their first store from scratch.


The mentorship program covers:

Product Sourcing & Crafting An Engaging Brand Story

Building A KILLER site

Optimizing Your Store To Maximize Conversions

Expert Digital Marketing Strategies

Tackling Logistics & Building Customer Loyalty

How to Go Fully Automated & Achieve Financial Freedom

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